And yet Sienna Miller’s Louis Vuitton bag and Vera Wang coat can be yours.

Sienna Miller is auctioning off items from her coveted wardrobe

   Sienna Miller apart from being a famous actress is best known as one of the most recognizable fashion-icon worldwide. Now it’s the time for you buy some of her favourite pieces on Miller is a member of , a luxury fashion auction site, something like eBay, and until now she’s been selling her second-hand clothing completely anonymously under the avatar ‘VIP113’, with 100 per cent of the proceeds going to charity.

Initiated therefore be auctioned four pieces from Sienna Miller’s wardrobe and perhaps this is your chance to get a Louis Vuitton bag without costing you a lot and even had previously held a fashion icon.Among the pieces being auctioned off from  a starting price 975 pounds for the Louis Vuitton bag , is a Vera Wang coat (399 pounds), a  Cobra & Bellamy watch (89 pounds) and a  Weardowney fluffy red hat (45 pounds).

If you want to submit an offer do not be late and click here

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