The trailer of the film on the life of Yves Saint Laurent has been released.

What will we see in the highly anticipated film?

In theaters on January 8, the long awaited new biography film of Yves Saint Laurent. The film outlines the turbulent life of one of the greatest French designers whose personal life and creations are closely linked. 

   Once the trailer was presented , starting with the appointment of Yves Saint Laurent, as head of the house Dior in 1957. The Yves relives in the person of Pierre Niney, who embodies the role perfectly.

   The 24-year-old new star of French cinema who transformed with striking success to the ingenious designer Yves Saint Laurent for the needs of his new film of Jalil Lespert.

  We also see highlights from the meeting with Pierre Berge, the man with whom he shared the designer‘s life, and the parade of the Ballets Russes in 1976. The film is a production of SND Groupe M6 Studios, presenting the designer a route from the first steps to the top of the fashion world. Among other things, will also enjoy the breathtaking Charlotte Le Bon.

 Watch it here.


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