David Bowie the new face of Louis Vuitton!

Not unjustly won the title of Best Dressed Brit of all time! Known for his love of fashion and quirky chic style, the music legend David Bowie meets fully the requirements to star in the new ad campaign of luxury house Louis Vuitton. «L’Invitation au Voyage».

As part of the campaign will even released a short film, which tells a dreamy romantic story grounded in magical Venice. Under this scenario, the supermodel Arizona Muse lands on San Marco square with an impressive balloon and then – while situated in a wonderfully imposing «palazzo» – David Bowie presented to her give a great serenade, playing harp!

Beauty Report. Bottega Veneta Luxury Bath Line

Perfectly aligned with the winter mood, festive luxurious bath series of Bottega Veneta will magnetize you. The olfactory experience Bottega Veneta complemented by three new, luxurious products that compose the series Luxury Bath Line and are already in stores.  The three new products that compose the series Luxury Bath line created to complete the aromatic delight offering a gentle scrub with apricot grains, dry oil for the body and a distinctive, slightly iridescent powder to not have to renew your perfume . The products are available at selected stores.

Marilyn and N°5, The ultimate female face of Chanel No5

A few days ago it was released around the news that Marilyn Monroe stats in the new advertising spot for Chanel No5After Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman and Audrey Tautou, who starred in campaigns of Chanel No5, Marilyn Monroe becomes the new face of the fragrance!

The cue of Monroe that in her sleep she only wears Chanel No5 identified with the iconic fragrance, but the famous French maison did not remain alone in this “legacy”. He did research in radio archives and discovered the interview the actress to 1960, which had not seen the light of day until now

On this cue of Marilyn the new spot for Chanel No5 it is based,  just released on the internet and is probably the best we have seen in recent years for the perfume. Moreover, the dream of Coco Chanel was to create “a feminine scent that smells woman” and the femininity of Marilyn Monroe are just superb!


“What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course”

Icy Shoe: The subversive wedge by Jeffrey Campbell.

Icy Shoe: The subversive wedge by Jeffrey Campbell.

Lite design

Jeffrey Campbell! High-heeled booties and platforms in provocative and bold designs or colors that catch the eye, give height without missing comfort.

Favorites, must have items for many fashionistas, gained infinite variations especially for the design Lita. This time, the well-known label dared to something different and challenging, something totally 90s.

The label released the ‘icy shoe’ whose bottom is filled with severed heads of dolls Barbie, all arranged in a clear, from plexi-glass bottom, worth 6 inches. These boots cost $ 265.


  • Interior Side Zipper
  • Leather Upper
  • Lucite Heel
  • Confetti Filled Wedge
  • 5.5 inch Heel
  • 2 Inch Platform