Trend Report: Slip Dresses.

The ’90s are back.. 

This Fall be ready to embrace the ultimate tempting, enticing new/old trend od Slip Dresses. The definition of the slip dress is ”A slip dress is a woman’s dress that closely resembles a underslip or petticoat”, exactly oked like an undergarment, but was intended to be seen! Many designer throught the years adapt the idea of a slip dress in their collections such us Calvin Klein, Narciso Rodriguez, John Galliano and other.

 It is simple. It often has spaghetti straps and empire waist and it flows over the body in an effortless manner. The bodice is normally cut in a bias for a slinky fit without being constricting. The fabric chosen is usually thin, with an excellent drape. Some slip dresses are adorned with lace or sequins.

The slip dress with lace details now worn as regular clothes for on your dinner outings and more. Sending it to the catwalk with the Fall 2013 collection of house Louis Vuitton, o Marc Jacobs inspired most high-street brands such as Zara to include in their collections slip dresses in different styles and fabrics.

How to wear it.

1. All day, casual, grunge look.

2. A seductive, ultra sexy evening look.

3. Boho-chic outfit with a maxi slip dress.


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