Instant Love: Blue leather biker jacket.

We Colourful Leather Biker Jacket

It’s the hardest working item of clothing you’ll ever buy: a biker jacket is the oldest trick in the book, but putting it on is still an instant rejuvenator. Best friends with denim but just as loved-up with chiffon and lace, dig out your old leather jacket and re-introduce it to everyone.Although in black or grey is the most common and suitable for every outfit this time BLUE motocycle jacket has totaly stolen our hearts.

Biker jackets rose to prominence as a symbol of rebellious subculture to epitomise the tough-guy image of a generation of bikers. In modern fashion culture is a staple piece that continuously makes its mark, season after season. Don’t afraid to have in colour such as red, green, neautrals or even yellow. It give you attitude and differentiate you from the crowd.

How to style it.