Trend Report: Flaired jeans.

Get the ’70s Flare.

You can not be without your jeans and i do not blame you for it. As basic piece as it may be considered , wearing jeans can also give you the opptunity to make your own statement. This year’s fashion (Fall / Winter 2013-14) wants trousers flaired. Flaired jeans are the classic retro jeans that this year is very much in fashion. The influence of the flaire line of the 70s, with the perfect fit is perhaps the most favorite both for daytime and for evening outings.

The high-waist flaired trousers, which is very narrow to the knees and then let out in the bottom, lengthen the legs and flatter all body types. You will definitely need some adjustments according to your body but there are some rules that make this trend to fits amazing in every woman.

  • Although the pants alone, fool the eye and shows you taller, it would not hurt use a couple very tall shoes
  • If you have big hips avoid pants with side pockets.
  • Choose a slightly more high waisted that flatters the waist.
  • For casual look, wise choice are the combinations with t-shirts, pendants and stunning blazers.
  • For work or elegant, classic look you can choose to combine it with a narrow top which will enter in your pants and a coat with collar neck.
  • For a sophisticated style combine with top anything you want (chic, stylish, classic, rock, trendy, t-shirt, shirt, sweater, blouse), a blazer or leather jacket, a stunning scarf and many bracelets.

How to style it.

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