Trend Report: Sweat chic..

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Until recently we had the sweatshirt connect with more casual dress, especially combined with tracksuits and sneakers. Our favorite sweatshirt top of our tracksuit that sometimes slept with it, is going to become very big trend this winter. We’ve seen it wearing it celebrities and fashion bloggers and we already love.
Definitely sweatshirt has cozy and relaxed character. It’s cotton, soft and wide enough. Ideal garment when the t-shirts are proving “littlein front of fall’s dew. Apart from the obvious, namely to wear it with a tracksuit, you can put them with skirts even above dresses..

Where to find good sweatshirt?

In the market there are many types sweatshirt. Oversized, cropped, with large prints, letters or completely simple. If you are considering buying one, check first how you want to wear it, what clothes you can combine it with and which style you can follow. The sweatshirt is an easy garment that can be worn in many ways suffices you choose the right one. 

How to wear it.

Part 1

Part 2
Part 3

5 thoughts on “Trend Report: Sweat chic..

  1. This post is so on point and on trend! I noticed this trend especially during Paris Fashion Week when model Jourdan Dunn was wearing a full sweatsuit but with stiletto heels! It was so simplistic chic! Love your posts!

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