Trend Report: Metallic shoes…

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 Elegant, very feminine and sometimes make you feel like Cinderella!
The metallic shoes  ​​since last winter have became the new hot trend in shoes, so much loved that this year continue to be one of the must have item of female wardrobe.
They give style to any every outfit while with the appropriate styling can be worn from morning until evening.

  You will find them mostly in shades of gold and silver, while important position in the preferences also acquire the sweet shade of pinkgold. With intense pointed ending that gives extra femininity and heel height of 8 points or more, the metallic shoes are the sexiest shoe of the season.
 Go with everything. Even in those cases where the stylistic preferences are complex, a pair of metallic pumps will provide the solution.
  Combine easily with clothes with different fabrics and patterns. Do not hesitate to complete a mixed print ensemble with a pair of pumps in a metallic shade that will highlighted it. It enhances casual ensembles. Just a pair of metallic high heels to give femininity and style in a ripped jeans worn with a simple top or sweatshirt. They are ideal for evening looks. Renders radiance to evening wear and easy to combine with the LDB and all the dresses, mini, midi and maxi in different colors or with prints.
Giviving elegance to leather clothing items. The new trends love leather and leather dresses in all shades. A pair of metallic heels are not only an easy choice, but softens” the firmness of the skin, completing a set of elegant and feminine. Also it offers strong stylistic interest in costumes. The androgynous style tempered by a pair of metallic pumps that will give even the simplest suit both femininity and glamor.
Easily combined with tights in different weaves and patterns. Although any shoe would not be such a difficult choice, a pair of metallic pumps provides shine mainly in knitted fabrics and warmer fabrics in pantyhose. Easy choice in sets with intense color variation and color-blocks. Where two different colors intermingle in an outfit, a pair of metallic pumps blends in the most glamorous way.

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