H&M’s Chic Conscious Collections Will make you Eco-Friendly Fashion lover…

On April, 10 H&M launches its new collections Conscious and Conscious Exclusive with clothes made ​​from sustainable materials. H&M is committed to a sustainable future in fashion and presents its new collection with two new elements: organic skin and organic silk. Concomitantly with launching the collwctions, introduced the new labeling system CleverCare a label that shows a system for sustainable use and care.

   The Conscious Exclusive collection was designed with input from the EVER Manifesto, a think tank on sustainable fashion. The Ever Manifesto will also appear in the campaign for Conscious Exclusive along with Amber Valletta, supermodel and actress known for her commitment to sustainability, who is the face of the campaign for the collection Conscious.   Conscious Exclusive is a specially designed limited edition collection, made from high quality fabrics with impressive and intricate details that draw their inspiration from flamenco and bohemian style. The new materials in the collection are the organic silk organic skin and grown in organic mulberries.

This year’s Conscious collection is full of essential fashion pieces made ​​from more sustainable materials and ideal for spring. The collection will be available in 150 selected H&M stores worldwide and online.

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When Anna Wintour shocked the fashion world…

May TV critics have not ever accepted her, may the various reality shows in which they appear for years on American television have often classified as junk, but she never be cowed, managing in the end to make her dream a reality.

  Kim Kardashian and Kanye West finally managed to find themselves on the cover of Vogue and in fact together. In a pre-wedding photo shoot from the magical lens of Annie Leibovitz, for the issue of April 2014. The bride posing wearing a strapless Lanvin wedding gown and a diamond ring.

The American Vogue, influential worldwide on the fashion issues with the gritty boss Anna Wintour hosts in April as a cover story a reality star persona only known from a reality show, a sex tape and a tiny short marriage. Of course since the news went online in the social media
aroused a storm of reactions.

  Whether in a such pestigious magazine throught the years to host a women that her profession is to sell her life on Tv..

What does the director of Vogue says for the cover with Kim Kardashian?

 Once it became known that Kim Kardashian will be photographed, eventually, for the cover of Vogue, the social media ignited with good but also bad comments on the decision of Anna Wintour to succumb to the influence of the reality star. As expected, the Iron Lady of Fashion make an announcement  on the controversial decision.

“Part of the pleasure of editing Vogue, one that lies in a long tradition of this magazine, is being able to feature those who define the culture at any given moment, who stir things up, whose presence in the world shapes the way it looks and influences the way we see it. I think we can all agree on the fact that that role is currently being played by Kim and Kanye to a T. (Or perhaps that should be to a K?)”

“As for the cover, my opinion is that it is both charming and touching, and it was, I should add, entirely our idea to do it; you may have read that Kanye begged me to put his fiancee on Vogue’s cover. He did nothing of the sort,” she explained. “The gossip might make better reading, but the simple fact of the matter is that it isn’t true.”