H&M’s Chic Conscious Collections Will make you Eco-Friendly Fashion lover…

On April, 10 H&M launches its new collections Conscious and Conscious Exclusive with clothes made ​​from sustainable materials. H&M is committed to a sustainable future in fashion and presents its new collection with two new elements: organic skin and organic silk. Concomitantly with launching the collwctions, introduced the new labeling system CleverCare a label that shows a system for sustainable use and care.

   The Conscious Exclusive collection was designed with input from the EVER Manifesto, a think tank on sustainable fashion. The Ever Manifesto will also appear in the campaign for Conscious Exclusive along with Amber Valletta, supermodel and actress known for her commitment to sustainability, who is the face of the campaign for the collection Conscious.   Conscious Exclusive is a specially designed limited edition collection, made from high quality fabrics with impressive and intricate details that draw their inspiration from flamenco and bohemian style. The new materials in the collection are the organic silk organic skin and grown in organic mulberries.

This year’s Conscious collection is full of essential fashion pieces made ​​from more sustainable materials and ideal for spring. The collection will be available in 150 selected H&M stores worldwide and online.

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