The 5 must-have pieces every girl should have in their closet.

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The proper fashionista knows that, regardless of trends and seasons, it is useful to invest in some timeless pieces of clothing, regardless of the era, would provide stylish appearances, transforming every look
  • The black leather pants can‘re considered a difficult piece, but in reality, all it takes from you is confidence. Elegant and rock character is the latest trend reminiscent of the 80s. It is a flexible proposal that it can be worn 24 hours a day suffice certainly, to flatter your body type and to style it properly.
  • A white, well-pressed shirt gives a sophisticated touch to every outfit. Whether you wear it with jeans or under a well-cut blazer, the result will enhance your strict elegance… Simple and elegant, the white shirt was and still is the perfect solution for many appearances: it can be worn in a business meeting or a more specific case, a skirt or pants, be matched perfectly with accessories and jewelry and worn down with a tailored waistcoat, jacket, leather jacket or a trench ..
  • Definitely comfort plays a key role in our appearances and a pair of classic sneakers are the best way to feel comfortable all day. It is not necessary to wear what you have for the gym. A stylish pair of studs or high heeled sneakers can a w combined with the most elegant look.
  • A well-cut black blazer never goes out of fashion, but the white version gives a less strict twist. making it a great option to replace the classic black blazer and brighten your dark colored looks. Choose to finish the total black androgynous outfit office or casual denim look with a white off blazer.
  • A black leather jacket transforms our look every very easily, from the most casual to the most edgy evening wear. The leather jacket is probably the most favorite coat of the female wardrobe as it can satisfy all different styles from rock to classical women. In particular this is its strong point  that can give relaxed mood and balance even stricter outfit.
  • Let for a little the sexy, mini skirts and invest on a pleated midi, which will provide you with the highly feminine twist to your appearance. Pleated skirts highlight your femininity, and can be tailored to each woman’s style, but also body type. The good thing with this timeless piece that can be worn on any occasion in every age.

7 thoughts on “The 5 must-have pieces every girl should have in their closet.

  1. Great selection. I have 4/5 of these items in my own closet and you are right, they are wonderful ways to sophisticate a variety of outfits.

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