3 Types of outwear perfect for spring. Bomber jacket, Boucle & Blazer

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Find the one that suits your style and your mood.

This period with the continuous rotation of the weather is very difficult to decide the coat you choose in the morning or evening look. The only certainty is that your choice should have vibrant colors and prints. Bright colors dominate this year’s Spring everywhere: in glasses, shoes, bags. Of course and coats. The jackets this year borrow the boldest shades creating unique dazzling canvas.

The Bomber jacket

Certainly bomber jackets remind you of the ’90s.. With military influences and sporty placing the bomber jackets have been everywear from the runways to all  the fashion metropoles. They are everywhere and in different color and print which means that you can combine with the most of your outfit pieces and give it a more sporty and comfortable touch on your style. Try it especially with evening wear pieces for the ultimate mix n match!

Chelsea Flower loose fitting tank top €71/ Floral print jacket  55 / Pull&Bear short jean shorts €24/ TOMS lightweight shoes €35 / Banana Republic cognac purse €94 / Gold owl pendant €4,34

The Boucle jacket


Boucle Jacket = Chanel! Timeless, feminine and sexy..
The boucle jacket has kept the line exactly as it was imagined by Coco Chanel in 1954. And almost every season is a constant value in our closet! But it does not only accompany formal appearances, combining it with dresses and suits. The contrary, crumpled“, can be worn daily, in an affordable way that fits in every hour of the day. We wear it with torn jeans and the t-shirt, but also with our rock style dress and studded booties!

The Blazer

Although it is a classic and rigorous piece of your wardrobe, the blazer can both be the easiest piece that can accompany you from the morning looks relaxed to the official evening look. Be sure to give your blazer the chic & classic mood in the look with jeans and a t-shirt or balancing evening glam style with the sequin. If you want to invest in something classic and timeless, then white and black or dark blue blazer is what you want. If again, you want to do a statement then the floral prints are the perfect choice for this season as well as in monochrome in intense shades.

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