Spring Trend: The Fringe Benefit. Find the right spring outfit for you..

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Trends can be repeated from one season to the next, but you must know how to wear them depending on the season and the circumstances. The fringing, the fringes in all their versions that are consistently at the forefront in the last two years. The fringes are an eminently bohemian touch. However, it may well accompany a classic chic outfit and give movement and character.

Dresses, skirts, blouses, belts enriched by new hot trend of the season. Of course you will not only see there but also in shoes, bags and accessories with fringe will be the ultimate must have to show off your everyday outfit!



The fringed dresses are very sexy and attract all eyes, but not accomodate for all times. Evening wear for drink or party, but be caferful whether you want to wear them in daylight. They may seem quite formal making you look out of place.


The fringed skirts give very happy youthful mood. It is without doubt a more compatible choice to wear the trend.
TIP: If you choose fringed skirt made ​​sure to combine it with a simple plain top.
I would advise line not to apply perfectly on the body.


Fringes under the sleeves of a leather jacket or almost the entire surface of the suede overcoat, taking off tou style revealing the rockstar you have inside..


Fringes in shoesYES!

Give some movement in your shoes. Either the classic ankle boots we love or a pair of naked sandals can look even edgier with the right amount od fridges.


The bags with fringes referring to the style of the Wild West and this year make a dynamic comeback. This boho bag with long fringes. Keep from the morning until the evening and praised even the most casual outfit.


Warning! The fringes are not particularly flattering areas you have extra weight, so it would be good to avoid the skirt if you have full” curves or top if you have large bust as it will give you extra volume that you do not need!

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