WWYT: Rumer Willis wore a dress that revealed a bit too much for our taste..

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This post could easily renamed as

GO Home, GO Change

Rumer Willis, daughter of Denim Moore and Bruce Willis arrived at ELLE’s 5th annual Women In Music concert celebration on Tuesday (April 22) in Hollywood, California as is she was attached by a pack of wolves just 5 minuted ago.

Obviously it’s the skirt’s design to look so revealing as also so hideous…

The point is not that Miss Willis wanted to look too sexy for our tastes

The point is not that the skirt is ugly




Seriously why? It looks trashy, cheap kind of slutty -if your are not going to dance on a pole DONT WEAR THIS DAMN DRESS.

P.S: where’s the point of pink and not black unties dear? Tsk Tsk..

P.S2: This crop top and cut out skirt are Franziska Fox Fall 2014, just saying..

WWYT: What Were You Thinking.. Jennifer Morrison in Vintage Chanel at “All The Way” Opening Night

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I don’t know if it comes natural as a talent or is it something you try do to really hard until you succeed..

Make a Vintage Chanel look cheap & ugly.

Mrs Morisson indeed managed to wear a classic Chanel ensemble and the forst thought when you look at her is ..

Go home.. Go Change…

As for the shoes, hair and makeup.. Pure disaster.

I’m guessing there is a stylist somewhere that got paid to make her look like she has just got up from bed with a terrible hungover..

I can understand, say, not having a knack for style but make sure you hire the right stylist.

Poor Chanel…

WWYT: What Were You Thinking: Kim Kardashian cut this Dior dress in two to make a crop top and skirt.

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It’s a blasphemy. A pure insult to classic style and fashion history.
Of course for the reality star Kim Kardashian who has tons of money this called fashion statement by Kim Kardashian.
No one is this world would consider cutting a Dior dress in half. No one. Unless you are you are so desperare for attention and want to show off your new belly  slim waist after giving birth.
And if you must cut a Dior dress in two pieces make sure you do it not just fine or well but close to pefect. Not like a ten-year-old with scissors and needles.

WWYT: Lena Dunham in Rochas at the “Girls” Premiere

Seriously, WHAT?
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Lena Dunham wore a Rochas Spring 2014 silver crystal-embroidered and bonded-silk sleeveless gown styled with complementary sparkling Jimmy Choo pumps.
It’s a fact that Lena Dunham hasn’t been anywhere near the definition of stylish. In addition her red carpet appearence always resulting to controversy:
-She’s a public figure she can hire a stylish, she can make an efford
-She’s Lena Dunham she doesn’t care what people thinks, she does her thing, she’s a rock chic
Blah, blah, blah
Ok, the combination of her tattoo and the glitter mania all over her is making me laugh.
No, just the glitter, shiny thing that possesed her make me wanna grab my sunglasses and say
The lenght and the neckline of the dress is hideous, the match-y super visible-from-space shoes and dress is outdated.She must learn what kind of clothing flatters her body.
Ps: Lena Dunham is set to appear on the cover of the February issue, out on January 22.

WWYT: Rita Ora looking like a Yeti.

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The title of the article may also be
Ok, Rita Ora is looking like a small Yeti. She’s cold so she thought the best choice to fight London’s coldeness is THIS white fur coat. Oh la la..
Miss Ora trying to hard to mix&match high end fashion pieces and she ends up looking like a walking catastrophy.
1. Hire a stylist (if you don’t have one)
2. Fire your stylish (if you already have one)
As for the Customized Rita Fendi Bag, just speechless. Next time write your Social Security number. 

WWYT: Zawe Ashton In Sarah Baadarani at British Independent Film Awards 2013

This look could totally be one big hit for the British actress Zawe Ashton. The simplicity of the dress needed to be enhenced with some statement jewellery of makeup. When you take the road to minimalism make sure you don’t end up being utterly boring.
What’s with the wringles on the dress. It is unacceptable on a red carpet appearence not to make sure you will photographed (because that’s why you are there) polished.
The hemming of the dress and the length of the sleeves can only be considered as humorous touch.

WWYT: What Were You Thinking?

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Christina Aguilera attends the 2013 American Music Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California in a Maria Lucia Hohan dress paired with Christian Louboutin heels, a Jimmy Choo clutch, and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.

It’s an almost WWYT catagory for Christina Aguilera as this is maybe one of her best lately. BUT still, it’s unsurprisingly awful.

From the top
The hair are fried, trying to look old Hollywood glam BUT all they remind us is DRAG QUEEN. The makeup is overdone trying to look glamorous BUT looking she’s attending a reception in Carrington mansion. Not good.
Trying to look like Marilyn Monroe BUT it is so poorly made with the puckerinf fabrics especially around the cutouts with the nettings(!) makes it look so cheap. The proportions of the hem are awkward.


Oooh the shoes, although they surely cost a fortune the look like even-if-they-give-you-for-free-DONT-wear-them. So sparkling they cause physical pain to your eyes. And with the lenght of the dress looking more bizzare.

Overall, she Mrs Aguilera the standards are not so high so we just let it go…

WWYT: What Were You Thinking?

Isabelle Fuhrman attends the premiere of “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” in Los Angeles in a Christian Siriano dress paired with Brian Atwood heels and a Jennifer Behr headpiece.

You are 16. You attend the premiere of one the most anticipated movies. Congrats!

You have earned more than 15 minutes of flash lights and you chose to appear on the red carpet looking like this..

As ”this” means like-a-witch-in-a-bad-Halloween-costume BUT even if you want to look either a witch or a princess of night/ice/whatever,

You DON’T put on THOSE shoes.


Because they are ugly.


Because they don’t go suit with the witch/princess kind of dress,

Because you are 16.

Overall ugly dress+hooker shoes+16year-old



WWYT: How to destroy a beautiful dress & make it look cheap.

WWYT: What Were You Thinking?

You can own a Dolce&Gabbana white lace dress.  Fine.

This dress.

It’s a chic, elagant lace dress.

And you go and do that. Why?

Obviously you want to look sexy and feminine and hot, so you decide under a lace Dolce&Gabbana dress to wear BLACK underwear. WRONG.

Obviously you thought ”yeah why not i want to make a statement too”.

Obviously you can have money you don’t have style. Or the right stylists, whatever.

How to make a chic designer dress look cheap, class 101 is over. Class dismissed.