WWYT: What Were You Thinking: Kim Kardashian cut this Dior dress in two to make a crop top and skirt.

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It’s a blasphemy. A pure insult to classic style and fashion history.
Of course for the reality star Kim Kardashian who has tons of money this called fashion statement by Kim Kardashian.
No one is this world would consider cutting a Dior dress in half. No one. Unless you are you are so desperare for attention and want to show off your new belly  slim waist after giving birth.
And if you must cut a Dior dress in two pieces make sure you do it not just fine or well but close to pefect. Not like a ten-year-old with scissors and needles.

WWYT: Rita Ora looking like a Yeti.

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The title of the article may also be
Ok, Rita Ora is looking like a small Yeti. She’s cold so she thought the best choice to fight London’s coldeness is THIS white fur coat. Oh la la..
Miss Ora trying to hard to mix&match high end fashion pieces and she ends up looking like a walking catastrophy.
1. Hire a stylist (if you don’t have one)
2. Fire your stylish (if you already have one)
As for the Customized Rita Fendi Bag, just speechless. Next time write your Social Security number. 

WWYT: How to destroy a beautiful dress & make it look cheap.

WWYT: What Were You Thinking?

You can own a Dolce&Gabbana white lace dress.  Fine.

This dress.

It’s a chic, elagant lace dress.

And you go and do that. Why?

Obviously you want to look sexy and feminine and hot, so you decide under a lace Dolce&Gabbana dress to wear BLACK underwear. WRONG.

Obviously you thought ”yeah why not i want to make a statement too”.

Obviously you can have money you don’t have style. Or the right stylists, whatever.

How to make a chic designer dress look cheap, class 101 is over. Class dismissed.