Beauty Report: The XXL lip pencils that replace our lipstick. Embrace the trend…

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Bring out your lip shape by investing in the right  makeup tools. 
They nourish and moisturize lips like a lip Balm and promise precise application, while providing rich color and remain unchanged for hours.
Tips to use them properly:
1. With these specific pencils will not only draw the outline of the lips, but will make them look bigger and will correct any asymmetries. What you need to watch out for is the so-called “arc of love ‘, the V formed on the upper lip. Making the most mitred lines, you will achieve an elegant effect.
2. Having enhance their shape, paint them with the pencil. If your lips are fuller, use primarily to fill the aspects and points which usually stay ‘bare’ when applied lipstick.
See which are the must haves XXl lip pencils 

Beauty News: Alexander McQueen’s Savagely Beautiful Brow

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 “We started with the idea of nature, a kind of owl eye” said behind the scenes of the show of Alexander McQueen, Pat McGrath. ”…and then we began playing with the shape to make something very extreme, very punk,” said explaining the very bushy eyebrows that she and her team placed in brows of models before they went on catwalk. Indeed, a softer, smaller set and placed on the upper lashes.
     McGrath created two looks for the designer of the house of Sarah Burton: one was dark, with very wild, aggressive eyebrows and the other was futuristic metallic eye shadows with a special mix of colors, burgundy, silver and gold on a snow-white skin and extinguished eyebrowlike elves.