Eva Herzigova on the catwalk for Emilio Pucci.

She was one of the most beautiful models. Many girls who wanta to work with modeling would say that whether you have a career you make half of what Eva Herzigova has achieved. At 40, she continues to deliver … lessons in the particular area and amazed with her presence on the catwalk on behalf of Emilio Pucci in Milan Fashion Week. Wearing a black lace dress walked with the air of top model we used to remember..

Eva Herzigova shares her secret for perfect hair.

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Eva Herzigova revealed that the only weakness” in vodka – in response to the so on various rumors that have circulated at times for heris as a super ingredient for her hair care!

“[Vodka] I use it to lighten my blonde hair… and it really works! My recipes? Never too much sun, drink plenty of water, rest and feel loved!”