There was in fact Miss Dior?

1950s advertisement with the Miss Dior amphora, Baccarat cristal, 1951. Photo: Philippe Schlienger

Yes, and it was one of the most beloved persons of Christian Dior!

On the occasion of the exhibition “Esprit Dior: Miss Dior” that opens today at Le Grand Palais in Paris, Fashion Telegraph prepared a very interesting article about who Miss Dior was. Catherine Dior, therefore was the sister of the famous designer, which became the person behind the legendary fragrance, at a time when he had not suspected!

  Legend has it that Catherine burst in unexpectedly when her brother was brainstorming names with his leonine muse Mitzah Bricard in 30 Avenue Montaigne. Ah, here’s Miss Dior!” Bricard, who had an English mother, said. “Miss Dior: now there’s a name for my perfume!” Christian replied.

  For the record, Catherine was a very strong woman with strong political action, for which he was honored with quite a few medals and with immense love for flowers, with which involved professionally.