Beauty Report: The ultimate ponytail at the Bottega Veneta show ..

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A fresh neutral look we have seen at the catwalk of the Bottega Veneta maison for Fall 2014 but what stole the show undoubtedly was the classic, well crafted ponytail created by Guido Palau.
Inspired by the minimalism of the 90s, the Palau gave intensity at look instead of being soft and neutral, according to the style of the house.

Hair Report: The Loose Ponytail we love…

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Over the last years the once girly ponytail came back dynamically and even in dozens versions, covering and representing both everyday and more formal appearances.
Ponytails. Tight or loose. High or low. In straight or sideways. As it is, create a new outlook for the fresher, easier and more feminine haircuts.