Fashion Conflict: Roberto Cavalli calls Michael Kors a ‘copycat’.

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Another attack was unleashed by Roberto Cavalli against his colleague, Michael Kors, accusing the American designer of stealing his designs. The argument was expressed for the first time by the Italian designer in December of 2013.

“[Michael Kors is] one of the biggest copy designers in the world. I just want to tell him to stop copying me! Stop! All the time I write those comments on Instagram. He copies everybody! And Americans like Michael Kors! And you love so many other designers who do that—he’s not American fashion. He is international fashion made in America. It’s not fair. The American women, they all dress the same.”
Kors, who is known for his low-key character in his statements, has not commented on the statements of  the extravagant Italian designer. Recently, even, the talented American businessman entered the list of billionaires, after the launch of the company’s shares on the stock market.